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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Massage Therapy is the systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to achieve a therapeutic response.  Influenced by Eastern principals of touch and rooted in Western anatomical and physiological science, it enhances the function of muscles and joints, improves the circulation of blood and lymph, and relieves mental and physical stress.  In recent years, the role of soft tissue manipulation has received greater medical recognition for its ability to help individuals suffering from mild, chronic or acute illness and pain, without the use of drugs.  Offering more than just symptomatic relief, these therapies can actually promote optimum conditions for complete recovery.  In addition, the health conscious can benefit from an individualized treatment program, specifically tailored to enhance physical well being and prevent injury.

Constant or recurring pain most often originates in the soft tissues:  the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, organs and connective tissues of the body called "fascia".  Through physical trauma, repetitive strain, poor posture or inflammation, the soft tissues can lose their pliability.  They become tight, restricted and a source of tension to the rest of the body.  Soft tissue release techniques can create real change in tissue tension and bring improved fluid transfer, and release of pressure on nerves and other sensitive structures, restore proper movement and rebalance body, mind and spirit.

Treatments last between 60 and 90 minutes.  On your first visit, you complete a confidential intake form to detail your past medical history and present condition followed by an interview and a soft tissue assessment to determine the optimal treatment approach.  You will be advised of the appropriate dress depending on the treatment that will be performed.  The client's comfort and privacy is a priority and therefore you will always be draped exposing only the parts of the body to be treated.  Whether it is specific deep tissue release or gentle balancing, Steve strives to listen and understand the needs of each client, responding with the treatment approach that best suits the condition.

Many health insurance companies and government medical insurance programs provide full or partial coverage under extended health care plans.  Some plans require a physician's referral or other specific criteria for coverage.  It is advised that you investigate your specific plan to determine your coverage.


This question varies with each individual, depending upon their objectives, the severity of their condition, nutritional and emotional health, age, fitness, and the skill of the therapist.   If your dealing with a specific pain or stress issue you may need only one session, while another may need several, even 2-3 sessions a week for a period of time if they are in severe or acute pain.  The patient should feel an immediate  improvement in their condition with this kind of treatment.  Once a difficult condition  is eliminated or relieved, the patient should have a treatment every few months to maintain their health and help prevent future imbalances from occurring.  I believe the healing process should also be an educational process, so I strive to educate the patient about their health and how to improve and maintain it on their own. My goal is to relieve my client's pain as efficiently and permanently as possible.


Again it depends on the objective and the severity of the condition. Indirect techniques like Craniosacral Therapy and aspects of Myofascial release are very gentle, effective and completely painless approaches to resolving pain while Direct Techniques like Neuromuscular Therapy or even General Therapeutic Massage can be moderately uncomfortable to have performed.   The appropriate pressure to be used during a treatment varies depending upon age, fitness,  postural pattern, and the extent of trauma and toxicity level in the tissues. Specific Medical Massage Therapies are a highly effective method of therapeutic massage, as opposed to relaxation massage, so using the proper level of pressure can elicit a mild state of discomfort. I have come to understand that there are many ways to work with a patient's pain, sometimes you need to be gentle and invoke stillness and sometimes you need to really feel it to heal it. During specific examination it should not go beyond the level of  "a good hurt". If massage treatments are performed appropriately even a very nasty area of pain should have the client affirming..."Yes, right there,...That's the spot" With direct techniques if pressure is too light, it does not produce the necessary stimulation of nerve receptors to produce the desired therapeutic response.   However, pressing too hard can cause the body to treat the pressure as an intrusion, particularly if there is inflammation in the tissues. The session can be designed to meet your specific needs. Speak about your needs and concerns  with your therapist. We are here to serve.


Anyone who is suffering from some type of pain, anguish, stress or tension will benefit from this type of therapy. Over the years I have provided treatment to everyone from infants with colic to palative care for terminally ill patients although the typical age range is from teens to seventies. Generally I would say that my clientelle is about 60% women and 40% men.Some come with a doctors referral for treatment of a specific condition and some by word of mouth.


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