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Steve has magic in his hands. I have been to many physiotherapists and massage therapists and Steve is the best I've ever encountered.I feel great.

Barry Braun

 I suffered from spinal stenosis in my back and bursitis in my hip for over four years that caused painful, sleepless nights and difficulty in walking or doing any type of exercise. During that time I sought many forms treatment including chiropractic sessions for one year, physiotherapy, acupuncture, cortisone injections, massage and even yoga all to no avail. I felt that I was doomed to a life of pain. Then a friend suggested that I see Steve McCall.  Soon after starting sessions with Steve the painful nights ceased and gradually I was able to walk without limping. The back pain took longer to ease and there were some discouraging times but Steve never gave up and after ten months I am feeling better than I have for years. Steve is truly a gifted healer and I am so grateful for his expertise, his sensitive, caring approach and his attention to mind as well as body and for his delightful sense of humor.  

Sandra Kerr

I suffered physically for many years with back and hip problems, lack of sleep and have always been searching for the “RIGHT” method of treatment for me.  I have tried physiotherapy (some successful) acupuncture, exercise and at last chiropractics.  While under a chiropractors care I had a car accident and added a neck, upper back and shoulder injury to my already chronic condition.  Chiropractic care exacerbated my pain and caused it to become unbearable.  I could NOT function!!!  I took pain pills and wore a cervical collar but nothing helped.

At this point the Gods (and a strong referral from a friend) brought me to Steve McCall.  His knowledge, method of treatment, expertise, patience, encouragement and determination to heal my body is evident in the end result of being free from pain.  I am physically and spiritually in a much better place than I have been for 10 years.  Thank you Steve for helping me feel like myself again.  God bless you and your healing hands.  You are the best!!!!!

 Phyllis Carroll



 It’s amazing how much wear and tear one’s body takes on a daily basis. After years and decades, a back ache here, a hip pain there and one day the pain is significant enough that you seek help.

Steve McCall’s therapy has given me relief where there was pain and awareness to prevent further incidence. Discomfort I once tolerated daily has been resolved.

 Andrew C           R.N.

Steve has been doing my treatments for approximately 12 years. I feel the benefit from his treatments for many weeks after. After all these years, I can honestly say that I trust him one hundred percent. His therapeutic decisions have always been right on no matter what my problem is. On a personal note, Steve’s compassion and caring about people is limitless. His practice of non-judgment towards others continues to inspire me and makes me work harder with my own personal growth and to be a better person.

Angie Brooks


My treatments with Steve have been very powerfully healing.  His expert knowledge of the body coupled with great intuition and a wonderful set of hands were very welcome in my time of need.

Patricia Creighton


I met Steve after a serious car accident that damaged my shoulder and arm. With his help I made a full recovery. My massage treatments now are for general health and maintenance. They help me focus on my body and pay attention to its signals. Steve's the BEST!  Nora Landry


I've been a client of Steve’s for the last 14 years even though I've lived in Vancouver for most of that time. The first thing I do when I come home is to make as many appointments as I can possibly fit in on a visit. I've visited several massage therapists out here and no one else has been able to find that balance between a nice, but weak back rub and excruciating, unnecessary pain! Steve is the only person I've found who can work out those kinks and not leave me in pain afterwards. He is definitely worth traveling 6,000 km for!

Rachael Woods



I have only been seeing Steve for a few months and already I am amazed at the difference I have noticed in my pain levels.  I have received massage therapy for years for a variety of ailments and have never experienced true relief until now.  Steve has hands that are truly healing and his extensive knowledge of the body allows him to teach me how to improve on so many simple things that have made such a difference in my pain.  I did not think a pain free life was possible for me, and Steve has shown me otherwise.  I have recommended him to many friends, and they all agree that his massages are truly therapeutic. 

Stephanie North



"Steve's work goes well beyond great technique and expertise. He consistently brings passion, insight and integrity to his treatment sessions."

John Gray


I was born with a condition called Brachial Plexus caused by a traumatic delivery. As an adult I suffer from bursitis on the upper left side of my body especially in my left arm. There are times when my left side becomes extremely stiff. I have been seeing Steve McCall for the better part of 10 years and he has helped me realize that I don't have to live in this discomfort. Steve has the knowledge which enables him to zone in on the exact problem and deal with it. The actual sessions are occasionally tough but the longterm lasting effects keep me coming back for continued pain relief.

Like other patients I have seen other massage therapists over the years but absolutely none as knowledgeable as Steve.

Thanks Steve

 John Ingram



I have been to see Steve over the last 7 years for a few different issues. Most recently it was a strange hip pain and sudden knee pain caused by over use at the gym. Steve addressed the most pressing issue first which were my knees and I was shocked that within 2 sessions things were almost back to normal. I had thought I had blown a knee cap or something and feared the worst. The next to tackle was my hip which seemed to be rooted due to my ongoing low back weakness/overuse and lack of proper maintenance over the years. Once again Steve has managed to work things through with patience and even spent extra time with me because he didn’t feel the 1.5 hour was quite enough. I would highly recommend Steve for chronic issues or sports injuries he does deep effective work. If you have deep knots and kinks that are hard to resolve or a chronic pain that can’t be explained you will definitely want to book an appointment with Steve. Thank you again

 J. Lothian

Steve's best talent is that while addressing the body's issues, Steve also gives the mind relief as well. Steve gets me mobile, comfortably with very few sessions.  Maintenance is then easy.

Debra Donovan


Steve is the kind of therapist that people who know themselves delight in as he listens first to your bodyand then to your mind. Have been a client over a 15 year time period.

K E Graves


I suffered a neck injury in a traffic accident and was referred to Steve by a friend. After carefully explaining my injury and techniques he would use, Steve helped to bring me from a hunched over person in pain to being once again fully upright and functional,

 Peter Oram



My experience from having treatments with Steve has been nothing but positive.  Having a torn meniscus I found myself in pain a great deal of the time.  After only a few treatments with Steve he was able to relieve my pain considerably. I had nothing to lose, and I am glad I put my trust in Steve to work his magic on my knee.

Lisa Brown



I went through years of being misdiagnosed and suffering from back pain, after a few treatments with Steve I could not believe what it was like to be able to wake up in the morning and hop out of bed.  Instead of rolling out and creeping to the shower. Steve's treatments keep me active and almost pain- free until my next regular visit every few weeks or so. Makes a world of difference in my life!

Dwayne Tattrie

After months of chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture the lower back pain never went away. I finally met up with Steve and through two massage appointments and in particular specific exercises he recommended I am now virtually pain free.


Thanks for everything and I hope to continue seeing you in the future.


Rick Newman


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