NeuroMuscular Treatment Centre
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Office Features

  • A fresh water cooler and glasses are provided in the waiting area.
  • In the client washroom you will find individual hand towels for your personal use.
  • Extensive reading materials are provided for you in our comfortable waiting area.
  • Our quality 'Oakworks' elevating table with flannel sheets and a table warmer add to your comfort during sessions.
  • We also feature 'Body Cushion' special needs pillows for unique body shapes that require additional support (such as with pregnancy or back injury).
  • Steam Heat and Cold packs are available for use where appropriate.
  • Your choice of natural sounds, relaxing music or silence create the atmosphere for your inner journey.
  • Exercise consultation may be provided for specific rehabilitation needs.
  • Reference materials on site.
  • 14 years in private practice treating a wide variety of pain conditions.
  • Scent-free environment.

 NeuroMuscular Treatment Centre
(902) 465-6682